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Having received my Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and obtaining my MFC license (#53464), I have expert training in several modalities of psychology. Below, I have listed the methods that I have found to be most healing in my practice: 


  • Dream Work

​I have found that the interpretation of dreams is a powerful tool and insight into what may be too painful for some of us to hold in consciousness when we are awake. Using Jungian archetypes, or symbolism, can allow us a window into undermining behaviors that we can then begin to change.


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Brief Therapy

​Living with a belief system that may have manifested from trauma or abuse can fuel poor decisions in our everyday lives. Cognitive restructuring allows us to recognize and therefore change these behaviors and enables us to make healthier lifestyle choices. This approach can also be accomplished in fewer sessions if that is appropriate.


  • Relational Therapy

My belief is that the relationship cultivated in the therapeutic process is the foundation for the healing process to take place. Having a corrected emotional experience fulfills our need for the care-taking and nurturing relationship that may not have been available to us.


  • Mindfulness

Using a mindful approach as an adaptation to working with Cognitive theory, Mindfulness speaks to becoming more aware of the impact we have on others and the impact that others have on us. Also, we can become more aware of the triggers that can lead to Mood Disorders, such as Depression. 


  • Psychodynamic

Working through childhood experiences that may have impacted us in a negative way is difficult and yet can be an effective method to realizing our best selves. Bringing the unconscious to consciousness allows us to take a more active role in treatment and increases our ability to establish and achieve our goals.  

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

I have begun to redirect some of the focus of my practice to specializing in couples using Emotionally Focused Therapy. I have been training under and completed seminars working with some of the originators of this theory. I have had many good outcomes with couples who were at a fragile point in their marriage. 

  • Emotional Support & Service Animal Assessments

I provide one-time session assessments to determine and document the necessity of your need to own a service animal. 

Integrating these methods and approaches, allows me to tailor the work my clients and I can do together, to meet the specific needs of each individual. My practice includes, but is not limited to the methods I have discussed above, but in my 15 years of practice, I have found that these theories are most beneficial and can help to transition a person from their current state to one of more conscious, healthy, and satisfactory living. 

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