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Working in the field of psychology for the past 15 years, with clients of many cultural backgrounds and diversity, allowed me to craft a practice that incorporates theories and methods of psychology with spirituality. While building my practice, I have worked with a spectrum of issues that might lead someone to seek psychotherapy.


My emphasis is in providing my clients with a safe space to explore their life journey as well as bringing issues to light, and encouraging better life choices to be made in the present while processing and letting go of past traumas and pain that may be holding them back. 


I seek to create an atmosphere where a range of issues can be worked through. These include divorce, pre marriage, LGBT issues, race, biracial/mixed families, as well as couples, individuals, and adolescents. I have successfully worked with issues involving physical injury and trauma. In addition, I have worked with clients coping with dysmorphic body image and eating disorders.


I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you. Feel free to call me for a brief telephone consultation. 
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